My Blogging Journey

I have tried the blogging thing a lot over the past year and a half, and the journey has been exhausting. I can’t figure out how to stick to a schedule or come up with relatable content ideas. I didn’t want to do listicles, imagery, reviews, or any other main trend in blogging. I mean don’t get me wrong I am a reader; so there will be a book (even a movie) review here and there, so I won’t completely dismiss the idea. I don’t know; I just wanted to do something different.               

  I found that in my life, from childhood and on, that I needed an outlet; a safe space to voice all that I was thinking. I found that release last year through Instagram and thus, I made the page MLMOPINIONS. I built a world where I saw images and quotes relating to a current mood of mines and I put my own story with it; it was freeing. I even tried to do blogging through IG by doing #SelfDiscovery posts. The problem with the self-discovery idea is that I was forced to share my own experiences with the public, I was forced to reopen old wounds while finding myself for all to see. I am not a huge fan of talking and sharing the emotions that I keep bottled up inside.                             

That brings us to this very blog and blog page. I am calling this MLMOpinions Journey, my road to figuring out who I am and what it is I want and need in life. I have learned the biggest person rooting, not only for our success but also our failures is our self. We doubt our self more than any other person in the world; we are our own harshest critic. I let fear and uncertainty hold me back from going after what I truly wanted. I am determined to make it through this journey as a survivor. I won’t hide behind my insecurities any more and face this road, and its challenges head-on. 😘💜               

Final Thought            

What is your fear or insecurity about and how can you overcome it? 

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