My Time

Her Time - Lang Leav

LANG LEAV is a poet I discovered a little over a year ago. I love poetry, and all of her poems spoke to me on a personal level. She seemed to voice every thought or feeling I have ever had. She was an artist I could relate too.

Her time, my time. I tend to hold a lot in or dim my light, so I don’t outshine someone else; scared of drawing too much attention to myself. I believe everyone can relate to this. You watch everyone else make moves you should be making or living a free life while you’re stuck in a mental prison; at least for me.

Her time. Her is your inner self waiting to come forth, to be free. The fire inside that is no more than a spark is ready to burst into a full grown beautiful flame. Once that flame takes a life of its own, no one can dim it; not even you.

My time. Time to face me and take back control of me. Time to stop holding back, stop making excuses, stop dimming my light, and stop letting fear keep me from being, well me.

Fun Fact

Her Time was the first post on IG that kicked off my journaling movement.


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