book review: Peyton’s Path by sm olivier

Peyton's Path (Finding Fate, #1)Peyton’s Path by S.M. Olivier
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This book, this damn book… I was not ready; I wasn’t ready at all.

The book discusses some pretty heavy issues that most teens are going through in real life; depression, trauma, death, divorce or splitting, jail, abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Trying to find a way to deal, forget, numb, or heal from the pain can be hard; coping is never easy. All it takes is someone willing to listen or someone willing to care to make a difference in a person’s life.

Peyton is an amazing character. She has been dealt with some of the hardest hands in life, but she played the game to the best of her abilities. She is still able to love and be selfless. All she wants is someone to love and want her. What I love most about her is even at her lowest she still refused to fall, she kept going.

Grandpa Delaney. I love this man. He is trying to right a wrong that his children have made. I feel he has limited time left and he is trying to make sure that the granddaughter he never knew is well taken care of before his time runs out. He knows he can’t fill the hole his son left in her, but he is hoping to show her that someone does care.

The boys: Loch, Paxton, Golden, Kyle, Crew, and Zane. These six men have come in and took all of us by surprise, a pleasant surprise. They are just as vulnerable as Peyton and just as strong. When it comes to RH series I try not to have a favorite, but I always end up with one. I have two with this series, Kyle and Crew.

In each other, they have found a love so pure and a bond so strong. In each other, they have found another reason to live and another reason to fight. This book was so well done. I cannot wait for book 2.

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