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I received my first Daily Goodie Box about a week and a half ago. I won a box through Facebook. They do a givaeway every week and what I had to do was got to their page and follow the rules on the giveaway post. The rules for me were to state why I would like to receive a box.

After I made my comment I received a DM from them saying I had won a box. The box took around 3 weeks to arrive and it came with eight items and a few coupons. You don’t get to choose the items you get, but you can get a sneak peek on their website (https://dailygoodiebox.com) of what I expected to arrive. I was very pleased with my box and it came with a few full-size products.

Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha came in the Ginger Peach flavor. The taste kind of reminded me of Red Bull in a way, only healthier. I enjoyed it. I would buy the product just to try the other flavors which are Apple Mint and Tropical Mango. https://www.wonderdrink.com/

Bunches of Crunches Dark Chocolate Sea Salt by Bakery On Main is a granola snack, or “grainola” as they call it. A superfood snack that is gluten-free. I am not a fan of dark chocolate, but I did enjoy this snack. My youngest child took over the bag and ate the rest. I say it’s a win-win for adults and kids. http://bakeryonmain.com

Kirk’s Odor Neutralizing Hand Wash came as a sample 2 oz bottle. It is fragrance free and is supposed to get rid of any lingering scents. I chopped up an onion to test it out, because onion scent is kind of hard to get off the skin. I love the way the hand soap feels, but you have to use the product a few times to get rid of any scents left on your skin. https://kirkssoap.com

Eco Lips Hemp Lip Balm is completely organic and made with hempseed oil. It’s has a light and airy feel if that makes sense. You don’t feel it on your lips like you would with any other lip product. I have noticed my lips are a bit softer than it was before. https://ecolips.com/

Endo Sleep came in two small packets containing two pills each. It’s a sleeping pill. I have noticed it works faster than most sleeping pills I have tried. When the pill starts to kick in your body starts to feel super heavy as if the weight of the world is crashing down on you all at once. For me, this pill is a bit powerful. http://emeraldhealthbio.com

Twin Peaks Pour Over Coffee came with two coffee packs. It is 100 percent Colombian and very easy to use if you do not have a coffee maker at home, or if you need to make some on the fly. All you do is take the pouch and place it on top of your coffee mug and pour hot water over it. I love coffee, but some people might argue that I am not a true coffee drinker because I like mine with flavored creamer, a lot of suger, and flavored syrups. I probably didn’t get the full taste of it because of all of my add-ins, but I still liked it. https://twinpeaksroasters.com/

Eco Lips Natural Facial Oils came as four sample packs, two packs for each oil. I loved this product and it smells amazing. I used this product a night after I have had my shower and is ready for bed. I love how the oil bring moisture and a softness to my face without making it feel all oily. https://ecolips.com

Natralia Anti-Itch Cream was my favorite product out of the entire box. The item that I would absolutely, without a doubt, spend good money on. This stuff works and works fast. My kids and I all suffer from sensitive skin and break out easily. My kids also have dry skin, especially my youngest. I used the product on myself first to see if it would work, it did. It has a very strong Bengay smell and leaves this burn similar to Bengay, but in a good way. https://natralia.com/

Daily Goodie Box is the real deal and I cannot wait to receive another box from them. By the way, I received this product in exchange for a review.

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  1. Thank you for the info about Natralia Anti-Itch Cream. I have eczema and am always on the lookout for products that may provide relief. I will try this based on your recommendation.

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