DIY-ing My Way To An Organized Life With My Happy Planner

Good evening to whoever is reading this blog.

I am on a “Road to Positivity” journey and I have been on this journey for like two years, I have yet to succeed. Now many factors are to blame why I am having trouble with this journey of mines, but I will be mature and take the blame. See, that’s growth, I think I’m doing well.

Some things I would like to work on during this journey is my attitude, organization, and health. My attitude is a conversation and a prayer for another day. We ain’t even going to breach that subject, not today. I will say I am a work in progress, I came a long way, and I still have a loooong way to go. As my grandmother used to say “he ain’t done with you yet” and we will leave it at that.

Organization. I am a very unorganized individual. I am a procrastinator. The best way to describe me is ADHD or ADD mixed with OCD. I take on more things than I can handle and I forget about them, most of the time. My bills, for example, if they do not come out automatically more than likely I won’t remember to pay or it will be late. I get sent a lot of book ARCS. I will accept an ARC and forget I have like 3 ARC reviews due the same week as the one I just accepted. I forget and lose track of time, a lot. I have multiple planners, but no real organization in my planners. I want to be more of a planner and have fun while doing it, because if it does not hold my attention I won’t be consistent. I lack consistency.

I created a DIY tracker for my bills and for my ARCS. Starting in October I want to be more productive and get my life (and my kid’s life) on the right track that will make everything a little easier. I created a bill tracker to remind me when each bill is due during the month and I made a book tracker for October, where I will track when all the ARCS for that month are due.

My Monthly Bill Tracker
October ARC Tracker

As far as my health go, I want to exercise more. I want to be to keep track of my weight each month. My goal for 2020 is to lose twenty pounds, leave sodas alone, and to eat healthier. I created a weight tracker for 2020 that will allow me to write how much I weigh at the end of each month, and that will help me know if I am losing or gaining any weight. I also created a step tracker page for October. I plan to keep track of how many steps I took by the end of the night to motivate me to aim higher for the next day. I walk an hour in the mornings before work and an hour in the evenings after work. I could walk a little longer in the evenings, but the heat is draining.

Yearly Weight Tracker
October’s Step Tracker

I created all of my DIY Trackers using the Happy Planner filler paper. The Happy Planner and The Paper Studios Agenda 52 are my go to planners. The have made my life a little easier and made it more fun to plan. I want to credit Heather Kell over at KellOPlan for her inspirational videos. She has made planning more fun for me and has shown the world all the wonderful ways you can use a planner which is where my DIY ideas came from.

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