Book Review: Practical Wisdoms @ Work by Lynn M Whitbeck

As a young woman looking to go into business for myself and as a young woman working in a male-dominated field, this book called to me. As women, we have come along way over the years. From being able to vote, getting an education, being able to work, and being respected. We are more than a body to procreate with. We have our own identities and ambitions outside of being a wife and mother.

This book is to help young women succeed and to help men understand how valuable a woman can be in the workplace. We are being taught to soak up knowledge and don’t be afraid to step outside of our expertise and experience something new. We are being taught to embrace being successful and not to hide behind that success. They teach us how to balance work and home, manage time and ease stress. It covers all difficulties women may face in a male-dominated field and it forces us to come to terms with how people are and learn how to adjust so we don’t encounter certain issues.

We may not have the power to control the circumstances, but we can control how we respond to it.

A lot of the stories in these books we all have been through once or twice, whether it be good or bad. Practical Wisdoms @ Work is showing you that hard work pays off, hurdles can we can jump hurdles, and with the right attitude you can and you will succeed.

**** I received this book in exchange for an honest review****

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