Natalie’s Cold-Pressed Juice : Resilient

“For as long as there has been something to sell, we have been marketing. Why should selling feel-good healthy foods be any different?”
Sarah Pullen, Healthy Profits: How to promote healthy choices that grow your food business

This is not an ad, but I did do my research. Now that that is out of the way, I was introduced to this product by my Chef today. Anyone that knows me knows I have been on this off and on a health kick for years. I even tried to eat more healthy and organically, epic fail. I do want to be more aware of what I put in me and my kid’s body. I want to eat and drink clean, but I want it to taste good as well. This Juice by Natalie’s is delicious, so damn good.

That first sip with have you puckering up your lips and making a sour face. The drink is very sour in taste to me, at first, but once you get past the sourness the drink becomes enjoyable.

The drink I received was a holistic juice called Resilient. The ingredients in this drink are blood orange, tumeric, ginger, black pepper, and elderberry.

It’s a cold-pressed juice made using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Tumeric helps fight heart disease, Blood Orange helps fight inflammation, Elderberry helps fight colds and boost immune systems, Black Pepper helps with weight loss, and Ginger helps fight muscle pain…. All these ingredients do so much more to keep our bodies healthy.

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice comes with a choice of holistic juice, citrus juice, exotic blends, lemonades, and tea. I will insert her information below.





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