The Journey That Led Me to Book Blogging and Reviewing

You know when I started this blog I couldn’t find a reason to keep writing. I would have a million ideas of what I wanted to do but I would never commit to it. At first, I thought about making it personal. Putting myself out there for all to see and emotions and what not, but that’s not me.

I’m not that girl. I hate sitting around and discussing our feelings and what not, no point in it. Which led me to hiding my “Letter to My Sister” post. I knew I would not complete the series, I couldn’t. With that idea gone to shambles, what was I to do now and how am I going to run a blog with nothing to talk about.

I have always loved to read. When I was a kid, as a treat, my dad would take me to Books A Million or any place that sold books and let me pick out two or three. That was the start. The passion came when I was eleven years old.

My dad brought me Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone on VHS; I was hooked. Since then when a new Harry Potter came out on DVD, I have to get it, and always the two-disc set. I was fifteen, in high school, before I ever picked up a Harry Potter book. I had watched the movies many of times, but never read the book. Seven books in the series and it took me five days to read them. I had checked out and read all seven books in less than a week. I

I did not sleep at all that week. The librarian would already have the next book waiting for me. Since the age of fifteen I now read all seven Harry Potter books once a year, every year I learn something new, every year I post and take part in some fandom discussion about each book, and every year I cry all over again as if it was my first time. This year, I plan to do a blog series on Harry Potter where I break down my thoughts and rants of what I read. It may be a blog post per book and it could be two or three blog posts per book, who knows.

Harry Potter grew my passion for reading, which leads me to this blog. Nothing better than to blog about a book you love or to rant about a book you hate. I have done reviews on Goodreads and I have done reviews on Amazon. I have done reviews in my head. I have cute little badges now for my blog for sites that I review for. I will list a few reviews I have coming up so you can know what to expect for November.

  1. Who Does You Soul Love? – Gem and Alan Fadling
  2. Saint X – Alexis Schaitkin
  3. You’re Not Listening – Kate Murphy
  4. Continental Divide – Alex Myers
  5. The Second We Met – Maya Hughes

I have received these books for in exchange for an honest review. I am blessed to have opportunities to work with these authors and publishers. It allows me to do what I love, thank you.

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