Fab Fit Fun Winter Box is Here

I am partnering with Fab Fit Fun for the 2019 Winter Box. Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription service that offers full-size goodies in every box. You can even customize your box or add in a few extras. It may cost you a little more, but the products are said to be worth it.

The box is $50 per quarter and each box will have items that mostly cruelty-free, from a woman owned brand, and specific to the season your are in. Each box sold will have a portion of the proceeds go to a charity.

The Winter 2019 box is supporting The Women’s Alzheimers Movement. The movement is to educate others about brain health, find out why it happens, and see what an be done to prevent it.

I received my box about week and a half ago. I wanted to spend time using and getting a feel of the products so I can give a proper review. I will provide links to their websites so you can check them out.

I have a discount code MM10 and that saves you $10 off of your box. Now, lets het started.

1. UnHide Blanket is a really soft, faux fur, blanket. UnHide is a company founded by the lovely Ellen Degeneres. I got the Lil’ Marshmallow blanket in box and I have slept with this blanket every night since it came. It retails for $65 and The Marshmallow (a bigger blanket) retails for $165.

2. Paper Source Floral Planner is a 12 month weekly planner for 2020. I am a stationery, office supplies addict. This was right up my ally. She retails for $34.95 on their website.

3. The Original Makeup Eraser came in the color pink. Now I received a sample size of this product in a Daily Goodie Box I received a few months back, a tiny square cut. I loved it. All you have to do is wet the towel, apply a little pressure, and wipe the makeup off your face. It’s washer friendly, but I choose to hand wash mine. The makeup eraser retails for $20.

4. Battington Harlow Lashes is the only product I have not used. I wear glasses and I don’t care for lashes, just not my style. The Harlow lashes are very pretty and I love the packaging. Harlow retails for $28.

5. Calm + Clean Lavender Oil Hand and Body Wash is a favorite of mines. It remind me of Neutrogena Rain Bath shower gel. It has a really nice clean smell to it. I don’t use it to bath it, but I will rub it on my body and do a rinse before leaving the shower. A major plus for me is that my skin hasn’t reacted to it, that’s win win for those of us with sensitive skin. She retails for $39.95.

6. Pore Cleansing Clay Mask is amazing. I only use her twice a week. I wash prewash my face and I apply it at night, right before I jump into the shower. My face feels softer and it does not dry out my skin, which is already dry on its own. I never tried a clay mask so this was a nice surprise. She retails for $48.

7.Dead Sea Salt is the cheapest item in the box, but still holds it own against the other higher end products. I love a good bath salt, especially a good smelling one. This one has no smell and has one ingredient, Maris Sal aka dead sea salt. She retails for $11.

8. Prep Rally Prime and Prep Detangler has gotten so much use from me, it’s ridiculous. I use it when blow drying me and my daughter’s hair as a protector. I use her as a spritz after styling my hair. She smells amazing, like a hair salon and richness. I love her and will be trying out other products from Dry Bar. She retails for $23.

Along with the eight full-sized products I received the box came with a few coupons. I get a discount on my next box, 9 free meals from Hello Fresh, and a $100 off coupon from The Purple Mattress.

It is said the box has over $200 worth of items inside your box. All eight of my items comes to $269.90 before taxes. Fab Fit Fun is only $50 a quarter for a box full of higher end products and a few coupons. Don’t forget to use my coupon code MM10 for $10 off your first box, so that’s $40 for products worth over $200 in value.