Introducing Journaling To My Blog

I have decided to bring back or reintroduce, journaling to my blog. I have tried this many times in the past and, I just hated how personal I had to be.I want to give it another shot here on my blog, especially now that I have a lot of free time.

I journal all the time, always have, ever since childhood. It’s a great escape or a fun way to get some creative writing exercises in. I journal book reviews, thoughts, dreams, goals, ideas, and I write short stories or poems. I recommend it, more so if you are prone to stress or have no one around you that will listen.

I have recently acquired a ton of guided journals, and I find I like them better. When I am drawing a blank on what to write, I tend to go to my guided journals for ideas. Here are some of the ones I currently own.

Faith Based Guided Journals

The first selection is faith-based journals. Three of the four ask you questions based on your readings, and you are to give your interpretation of that scripture. The 200 Prayer Prompt asks you about prayer, who or what would you pray for, etc. Great for those that are into faith planning and bible study.

Self-Discovery Journals

The second selection of journals is self-based, or fun prompts. I love these because they get the creative juices flowing and gives me an inside look into myself.

Meal Planning

The fourth selection is journals based on food or meal planning. So meal planning isn’t journaling, but understanding what you eat, why you eat, and the purpose of your diet is. Once again, I am attempting to eat better, healthier.

Mental Wellness

My last selection of journals, all but one, is mental health-based. I have spoken (and deleted, probably) on my past before and the issues that stem from childhood. I chose these books to help me work through the problems I have with myself and others. I suffer from anxiety, anger, and ADHD. Sometimes it helps to have a helping hand in organizing your thoughts, especially if you’re like me and your mind is on constant go a lot. The reading journal is in this selection because I write about the books I have read that may have to do with self-care or have had an impact.

I will be honest; I only bought half of these books with my own money; others were from Click the link, and they will email you twice a month with a list of books that are available for review. You choose, however many books you would like, and they will send it to you for free. You can leave a review, or you can choose not to; either way, it will not affect you getting more titles. The link isn’t sponsored or am I receiving any benefit from sharing this link. If you like books (non-fiction mostly), sign-up, and check them out, it’s a new way to discover new authors and get free books.

I plan to use some prompts from these books to share here on my blog as a part of my new journaling series. I hope you tune it for it.

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