One Thing I Need To Stop Doing

I am bad at being consistent. I will start something and do well for a while, and then I stop. My attention span is super short, so when I am into something I go all in, but when it begins to bore me, I put it back down and won’t come back to it. The time frame can range anywhere for a few weeks, months, years, or never to be touched again, which is why I go weeks without posting.

I want to become this awesome blogger that puts out great content, but I suck at being consistent with it. What I think I will try is pre-blogging. I will write a few blog posts ahead of time and post them when it’s time to upload. I believe scheduling my posts that way will help me not to feel overwhelmed or pressured to write a blog every day.

I am choosing April as the month I do my yearly rereads of the Harry Potter series. I will be blogging my thoughts and opinions of each book. So each book will have a separate category and sub-categories within that category if that makes sense. I will be writing all of this in Microsoft Office and then transferring it to here when I’m ready to put out that content. I may upload the Harry Potter content until May, so that will take care of all my blog posts for May, maybe.

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