Book Review: Animals at the Office by Sarah sommer

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“Be yourself. Let that be your guide. Every animal has special traits. The difference is what makes this office great. I don’t want you to change to be someone you’re not. I hired you becauseof the skills that you’ve got.”

Ms. Hoo, the owl

I want to start by saying the illustrations in this book are excellent. The artist, Devan, has done a fantastic job bringing the author’s words to life. My kids and I enjoyed reading this book.

The story centers around Gator, the alligator, and his first day on the job. He is nervous and is feeling out of place in his new work environment. As Gator’s feelings get the best of him, we start to meet the rest of his coworkers: Fred the slug and a thirty-year vet, Dog who is a people pleaser, Hawk the ambitious one, and Mrs. Lebook, the chicken who loves to gossip.

Each animal offers a bit of advice on how he can become successful at his job. He attempts each of their tips and tricks and finds that they don’t quite work out for him. So, he goes and talks to his boos, Ms. Hoo, the owl, for advice. Here is where she reminds him that he got hired because of who he was and the skills he already possessed.

The message is simple. Be who you are. We get so caught up in trying to be like someone else that we forget how unique our individuality is and how a good team forms when everyone with different talents creates magic. We all get nervous; we just have to push through it and stay true to who we are a person.

“It felt good to know that I could simply be me. The best part about me is what makes you unique.

Gator, the alligator
Sarah Sommer
Sarah Sommer

Sarah Sommer enjoys working with words in a way that makes the story feel musical and rhythmical, which is a reflection of her first career in music as a professional clarinetist. She is passionate about animals and enjoys nature, the arts, and dark chocolate.

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