Book Review: The goose on the roof by sarah sommer.

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The Goose on the Roof was a cute and short read with beautiful illustrations by Martina Terzi. My daughter enjoyed the book. It is about a little girl having trouble with a noisy goose and angry neighborsβ€”a girl with a problem who now has to find a solution.

She must find a way to quiet the goose so her neighbors will be happy. Along the way, she meets many fascinating animals and insects trying and helping her talk to the goose. There were many tried and failed attempts, and we see the little girl starts to get frustrated. The animal friends got into trouble themselves trying to help her, so now not only does she have to quiet the goose, but she has to save all of her other new friends as well.

The book shows how the little girl goes through trial and error before reaching and helping the goose. It shows how she helps those who have tried to help her. We learn that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

Highly recommend.

Sarah Sommer
Sarah Sommer

Sarah Sommer enjoys working with words in a way that makes the story feel musical and rhythmical, which is a reflection of her first career in music as a professional clarinetist. She is passionate about animals and enjoys nature, the arts, and dark chocolate.

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