Book Review: Weekend Pass by Paul CAvanagh

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As someone who grew up around addiction and has what I like to call the addiction gene, this book hit home. They say certain traits can be inherited, and I do believe addiction is one of them, which is why I chose not to drink, smoke, or try not to take medication of any kind. I don’t want to awake that gene.

This book is about a mother, Tasha, who has a substance abuse problem. While intoxicated, she left her drugs out, and her son found them and fell into a coma. Tasha went to rehab, and while there, she earned a weekend pass to try and make amends with her family.

This book is relatable in so many forms. On one side, you have those few family and friends that refuse to give up hope, and the other half that have washed their hands with you. Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict, but those close to the addict as well. The book goes through a journey into Tasha’s past to see how and when she became addicted to drugs, but sometimes the answer doesn’t exist, or it’s a truth we don’t want to face.

It was a good read. If you know of anyone going through addiction, or maybe you’re an ex-addict, then I would suggest you read this book. You will empathize with everyone in this book and their rolesβ€”so many pieces to the puzzle that is damn near unsolvable.

Paul Cavanagh
Paul Cavanagh

A ritically-acclaimed Canadian literary novelist who’s best known for being crowned the world’s first Lit Idol at the London Book Fair in the UK. His work has been released independently and by HarperCollins. Although he got his big break in London, England, he lives in London, Canada. That’s why he goes by the moniker Not That London Writer.

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  1. Hi Meagan,
    Thanks so much for such a thoughtful review. I’m glad the story rang true for you. Thanks for shining a light on the book and helping readers to find it.

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