Book review: dear brave friend by Leigh ann gerk ma, LPC

Dear Brave Friend is one of the sweetest and universal children’s books that I have read in awhile. My favorite feature about the book is that it has journaling pages in the back. A place for kids to express their thoughts or a safe space to deal with loss.

The author wrote the book from the pet’s perspective, something I have not seen before. It’s about the pet reassuring the child that everything they are feeling is normal and everything will be ok in the end. The beauty of this book is that it can be about any loss. Death is inevitable, but love is eternal.

The author lets kids know that even though your loved one is not here in physical form, they will forever live in your heart. It reminds you to have your hearts open, still love, and still enjoy life. Take the memories of your time together and carry that with you for strength.

The illustrations, by Trish Murtha, are gorgeous. I want to say the kitchen illustration is my dream kitchen. So much talent in this cute book, and it’s great for kids and adults. Check out Mourning to Light Pet Loss and buy this book.

Leigh Ann Gerk
Leigh Ann Gerk

Leigh Ann Gerk MA, LPC has been in the counseling field for over ten years. She is certified in Pet Loss & Grief Companioning and the founder and owner of Mourning to Light Pet Loss providing individual and family counseling for anyone grieving the loss of a pet. She currently offers 3 free pet loss support groups in Northern Colorado and is excited to branch out and offer more. Having grown up on a farm, Leigh Ann’s childhood playmates included baby calves, horses, bunnies, dogs, and 32 cats that set up house in a boxcar that also served as her playhouse. This upbringing introduced her, at a very young age, to the human-animal bond and instilled in her a deep understanding of, and love for, this extraordinary relationship. Leigh Ann and her husband, Andy, live in Loveland, Colorado, and are the proud parents of identical twin daughters, Heather and Heidi. Their family is made complete by their cherished therapy dog, Gracie. 

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  1. Meagan thank you so much for writing such a lovely, from the heart book review and for joining my book tour. I especially loved ” take the memories of your time together and carry that with you for strength.” This is just what I want my readers to feel.

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