The Desire Factor by Christy Whitman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Desire is intended to feed you, to thrill and refresh you, and every desire, big or small, summons life force itself through you.”

Desire pushes us to accomplish our goals, look forward to an unknown future, or become a better person for someone else and for ourselves. We go after things we desire, and in doing so we are creating and envisioning how we are going to get the things we want. Christy talks about desire on a more spiritual level, how no matter what our desires are; our creator inspired it.

The author talks about 7 principles: alignment, focus, joyful expectancy, having, loving, surrender, and action. Each principle has its own chapter, where the author goes more in depth on what each principle means and how we can use that principle to help us manifest all that we desire. The end of each chapter is discussion questions which make for great journaling prompts. This book helps you discover yourself and your wants and how you can use energy and spirituality to manifest everything your heart desires. I enjoyed reading this book. Sometimes, I felt guilty for wanting certain things, but this book helped me to see the positive side of my desire. I re-envisioned why I wanted what I wanted and created new goals on how I was going to get, manifest, it.

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