You Can’t Kiss A Bubble by Karen A. Wyle

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You Can’t Kiss A Bubble, a short and sweet book, was fun to read with my six-year-old. She enjoys blowing and playing with bubbles, so this book was perfect for her. The illustrations by Siski Kalla are to die for, just adorable.

The author teaches you that some things don’t last forever, and that’s ok. Bubbles, for one, are one of those things that is meant to you joy for a moment. That same joy will create everlasting memories that we can go to when we feel sad to pick us back up, and that feeling you feel lasts forever.

So we can’t kiss a bubble, keep it as a pet, or hold it for very long. That’s no fun right, but they will be shiny with rainbows and dance in the wind. I enjoyed the book along with my daughter and i can already tell it’s going to be a mandatory bedtime read.

Book Details:

Book Title: You Can’t Kiss A Bubble
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Publisher: Oblique Angles Press
Release date:   July 20, 2021
Content Rating:  G. Suitable for young children.​ 

Book Details:

What can you do with a bubble?

​​​​​​​Many children – and adults – find bubbles fascinating, even enchanting. And yet they’re so different from most things we enjoy, lasting only a few moments. This little book, with its lovely and whimsical illustrations, looks at both the charm and the transitory nature of bubbles, and reminds us that we can take joy even in the impermanent. 

Karen A. Wyle

Karen is an author, naturally, and also an attorney (handling civil appeals), a photographer, and a long-married mother of two immensely creative daughters. She lives in a county outside a town in Indiana, between two small dots on the map.

Karen writes science fiction, historical romance, afterlife fantasy, nonfiction (one reference work, an act of supreme hubris attempting to summarize American law), and picture books — so far. She reads science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, courtroom drama, biography, history, 18th and 19th century English classics, mysteries, and YA.

Siski Kalla

Siski loves to travel, explore new places and especially loves to live in different places. She grew up in the UK with lots of trips via camper van, car or plane to various places in Europe. Later on she lived in Thailand for a couple of years, teaching scuba diving. After that, in Michigan and then western New York in the US, and now Chile ( where she currently resides). She has come to realize that my main memories of all these places are food or animal related – stuffed tomatoes in Greece, along with all the stray cats; ‘Heiße Liebe’ in Austria (ice cream with hot raspberries on top) and black choughs (pronounced ‘chuff’) at the top of a mountain; garlicky snails in France (surprisingly good!) and intriguing transparent shrimp in the shallow waters; colorful endearing geckos and paad Thai in Thailand; Finnish Lihapullat (yummy meatballs) in Michigan along with the heart-melting calls of chickadees, oh and bear poo; spicy chicken wings and city deer in Buffalo, NY… so clearly food and animals are top priorities in her life! And did I mention she is a kick ass illustrator.

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