My Covid-19 Experience

I want to start off by apologizing for my absence. 2021 has been a rough year for me, but these last few months has been the most challenging. I have another blog, so you may see this post again. I have a lot of book reviews to post that did not happen in my absence, so stay tuned.

My daughter and I had Covid. My son was tested twice. He was first tested with me and was negative while I was positive. He was tested again when he full quarantine period was up and was still negative. 

In August, my daughter caught covid from a child at school. After I was notified that she had in fact came in contact with someone who tested positive I scheduled her appointment. 2 days later her results came in and she was positive for covid. Her symptoms were very mild. All my daughter had was a small fever and she said her throat felt scratchy. She may have had a day or two of not feeling well and she was back fine.

She had to be out of school for 14 days. My son had to do her quarantine, my quarantine, and then an additional two weeks of his own to see if any symptoms would show. My son was out of school for 42 days and his grades suffered. The school was slow to send in work for him to complete for his assignments and being that I had covid I had to find someone to go and pick up the work for us. Either way, he came out covid free. 

I had a rough experience. I had asthma and covid kicked my ass. I experienced vomiting, fevers, body aches, chills, night sweats, and a very painful and horrible cough. The cough was the roughest part. Every other word was a cough. I couldn’t even talk without going into a coughing frenzy. The coughing lasted from August to November. November was also when I got my voice back. I did get retested and was negative as of October. 

After going through the experience and listening to my mother I finally got vaccinated. I got the Moderna shot. The first shot felt like I had covid all over again. All the same symptoms were back and in full effect. The second dose was not as bad. I am fully vaccinated and I do still wear my masks. 

That was my little update and I thank you for reading.

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