The Kiminee Dream by Laura McHale Holland

The Kiminee Dream
Published: 2020
Odd things happen in Kiminee, Illinois. Lilacs bloom in winter. Gravel glows golden on occasion. Pigs play kick the can. So when Carly Mae Foley learns to read at age two and masters multiplication at age three, the town's quirky, tight-knit denizens take it in stride and embrace her with pride. But when a terrible twister tears through, Carly Mae is maimed, dashing hopes for her future. Her father is swept away and assumed dead.…

The Kiminee Dream was a beautiful read. I am from the south so I love a book that can remind me of home, even Kiminee is far from the South. Every small town has the same issues; you know everybody, gossip; they praise the talented and shun the outcast, and of course the drama. All of those things make for a good read, but the highlight of the book is family.

I appreciate how it’s a list of the characters and a small description about them. I kind of wish more books did this. You see what role they play and once they have been introduced in the story, they already feel familiar. You won’t be as confused with what’s going on in the story. It may seem like a lot, but it works.

Carly Mae (if that ain’t southern, then I don’t know what is) Foley is the star of the novel, the pride of Kiminee. She is highly intelligent, and she has won over the town of Kiminee. The novel is mostly told from her perspective, but switches out with the others. One day a tornado hits Kiminee, and it affects Cary Mae’s family. The tornado reveals some secrets about the residents that weren’t meant to be shared. Everyone comes together in their own way to be there for one another, and that’s what family is all about. Family isn’t limited to just those of blood relation.

This book had its moments where I thought it was being stretched out longer than it should. The books go on for over a decade, but it has multiple storylines as well. This book has a fantasy element about it I really enjoyed. All in all, it was a good read.

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