Your Writing Matters
Published: June 1, 2021
You could spend years wondering whether you’re meant to be a writer—or you could read this book. You write day after day. You dream of bestseller’s lists and royalty checks. But despite your best marketing efforts, those dreams remain out of reach. You start to wonder if you’re wasting your time. Does your writing even matter? Yes, it’s tough out there, and you have a right to feel the way you do. Society’s focus on…


Your Writing Matters was kind of therapeutic to read for me. Now you all know how much I love when I can get a book and a journal all-in-one, hello! This book was that and more. This book offers questions, answers, and prompts. You are not just reading; you are engaging. My kind of book because I don’t just want to read a book like this one, I want to interact with it. Colleen definitely gave what needed to be given (I had to too, lol).

It went over all the topics and major points that have played in my head time and time again. The topics include doubt, benefits of becoming a writer, and living a life without writing. All three have played in my mind a thousand times over, with doubt taking lead. As much as I hate to admit it, I let the doubt take over and I quit a lot. This book helps you face those fears and get to the root of where those doubts are actually coming from. This is the sole reason for the book. To help upcoming or want to be writers banish all forms of doubt they may have had or have.

Book also discuss the impact writing can have on our lives and how it can help mentally. I can agree to that because that is my main reason for writing, especially journaling. The author also dives into why you should not become a writer. Fame and fortune are not a good reason to write or wanting to pursue a career in writing. If that is the sole reason, then you will lose the love for it. Never forget why you started writing in the first place, and that’s what this book is trying to tell us.

The author then wants you to imagine a life without writing. My chest is tightening just thinking about it. Writing saved my life. It gave me an outlet and safe space to voice my thoughts and opinions, my emotions all in one place. Besides therapy is cost too much money, and writing is cheaper.


    Thanks so much, Meagan! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the book and I LOVE your last line of this review. It’s so true! :O) I would be so grateful if you’d add this review to Amazon as well. I sell most of my books there and that’s where I really need the support. (They will accept reviews of advanced copies.) The link for that and anyone interested in the book:
    Thanks again!

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